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Aknovel Cooperative Company members are the threads that weave the fabric of our success. Together, we create stories of collaboration, growth, and shared prosperity.

Abdulla Koya

Founder & Chairman

Palliyulla Kariat Abdulla Koya (P K Abdulla Koya) (born 13 February 1957) is an Indian entrepreneur from Abu Dhabi and Garshom Award winner. He is the founder and chairman of the AKNOVEL Group. Abdulla Koya has helped over 50,000 people across country to gain self-employment.
Abdulla Koya is from Calicut in North Kerala. He is the third son of the late Kasmi Koya and Beevi. He was forced to find out small jobs as daily wages to support his family. He worked in several sectors for earning the minimum to help his family. In 1978, Abdulla Koya arrived in United Arab Emirates.
Abdulla Koya established branded stamp products such as Sun Stamper with Japanese Technology during 1998 by providing products to the common business segment by associating with international manufactures and Addprint.Abdulla Koya entered the supply of telecommunication equipment, in the telecom and Power Project field through MELTRAX Electro Mechanical & communication system. His Other notable diversification are M/S National Tile Works, Beta Granite (P) Ltd, Walayar steels, Musou Micro Flash Foams Pvt Ltd., Crest Wood.